window.25Slim-Sash shoulder height to width ratio of 3.2 instead of the typical wide flat PVC-u window ratio of 5.

 Putty line glazing detail on the sash to replicate a traditional timber window making the TIMBERLOOK GOLD SLIM-SASH ideal for equal sight lines.

 ‘A’ Rated to save heat, reduce noise and increase comfort.

Soft ovolo feature to the room side

Polished surface finish to keep a clean fresh appearance.

 Wide range of external coulored woodgrains including whitewood, cream, grey, black, rosewood, light oak and Irish oak.goldsash




Now is the time to replace Timber, PVC-u and Aluminium windows with TIMBERLOOK GOLD SLIM-SASH ‘A’ rated windows which have the appearance of timber without the maintenance costs.

TIMBERLOOK GOLD SLIM-SASH ‘A’ rated windows are a huge improvement over most of the double glazed windows installed over the last 30 years, almost all of which lose nearly twice as much heat.

The TIMBERLOOK GOLD SLIM-SASH window is manufactured using a cadium zinc compound which is Lead Free. The dies used in the manufacturing process meet the highest German standards. The surface finish is highly polished which creates a clean and fresh appearance even after being installed for many years unlike many PVC-u windows which have a porous surface finish that retains grime making a property look drab and uncared for.

The TIMBERLOOK GOLD SLIM-SASH WINDOW SYSTEM has been designed to provide all the benefits of a PVC-u window with the aesthetics of a timber window.