Swish_Doors006.jpgAlmost all PVC-u bi-folding doors are made from bulky door profile and have ugly face fixed hinges. Timberlook Slim-Sash Bi-Fold Doors combine hi-strength PVC-u & Aluminium profiles which achieve the sight lines of an aluminium bi-fold with the cost effectiveness of PVC-u profile.

Timberlook Slim-Sash Bi-Fold Doors replicate timber sections with an ovolo profile and have high security hardened steel hook locks which prevent the hinges being forced from the door.

Timberlook Slim-Sash Bi-Fold Doors have encapsulated stainless steel rollers into the aluminium top and bottom track to prevent the doors being lifted off the track.

Timberlook Slim-Sash Bi-Fold Doors have high performance double seals to every door and thermally efficient double glazing with a ‘u’ value of 1.16.


The Timberlook Bi-Sash Aluminium Thresher is 52mm high and has 3 Threshold options:

  • Fitted flush to the inside and outside.
  • Fitted flush to the inside with an external aluminium sill.
  • Conventionally fitted flush to floor with external sill.