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The T-shaped conservatory style works best on larger properties. The T-shape is a combination conservatory style featuring a central projection. It can be Victorian or Georgian in style.

The T-shaped conservatory is a very versatile style, allowing you to create two distinct living spaces within the one room. With T-shaped conservatories, the central part projects into the garden, exaggerating the sense of bringing the garden into the home. The central projection on a T-shaped conservatory style can also create a ‘porch effect’, which can highlight your elegant French doors.

The T-shaped conservatory is not only one of the most beautiful styles available, but also works well in just about any home, with the top part of the T adjoining the house and the other section extending into the garden. The T-shaped conservatory is better suited to larger properties – especially those with big gardens, as the part of the conservatory that extends away from the house tends to eat into the garden.

The T-Shaped Conservatory has two sections; the larger can be used as a dining room or to create extra space for a lounge, with the smaller as a play area. This smaller area can be three-facet, five-facet, or just straight-sided. Whichever style you choose, a T-Shaped Conservatory will be a spectacular extension to your property, stylishly linking home and garden.


The T-Shaped Conservatory offers space and versatility, as well as being an extremely attractive extension to your property.